ThreadGauge® from HTG GmbH
is a fully automated system for the gauge-based testing of threads.
Our thread testing system with the Good/Bad testing that is used complies not only with DIN ISO 1502 but also DIN 13.

During the testing ThreadGauge® measures the depth of the thread to be tested and prevents a falsification of the torque that is measured at the same time through balancing of the advance force. The patented gauge reliably prevents any canting of the testing gauge in the work piece and reliable compensates for any minor alignment errors between the test gauge and the work piece.

ThreadGauge® meet all the requirements and expectations of Industry 4.0 even as today, through its options for direct interaction and integration of the various systems, and opens up new opportunities and potentials for greater efficiency.

ThreadGauge Mobile


Our mobile, gauge-based system for manual, motorized thread testing.

ThreadGauge® Mobile permits a faster and more reliable test cycle than do conventional methods and allows fully automatic screwing in and out, for both tapped blind holes and through holes.

Our system is fully PLC- and bus-compatible and hence can also be retrofitted into your existing unit.

All the measured data can be tracked and reproduced
for an optimized test cycle of around 8 seconds.
The documented test data is seamless and can be trans- mitted simultaneously to all control, monitoring, quality assurance or ERP systems.

» M4 – M24
»Inside and outside threads
»Left-hand and right-hand threads
»Through and tapped blind holes
»All types of thread and special applications
»8 seconds per measurement
»Can be parameterized as desired
»Logging throughout

ThreadGauge® Automatic


Our system can be fully integrated for automatic 100% monitoring of the depth and free running of the thread. The system can be used either in standalone mode or else can be integrated into production lines.


ThreadGauge® Automatic makes available tool changing all by itself with up to 14 thread gauges. The attainable cycle time per measurement is 8 seconds, the same as with our manual unit.


ThreadGauge® Automatic is fully PLC- and bus-compatible and can therefore communicate with all current machine controllers. The use of standard components means that our thread testing system can be integrated into your existing production lines without undo effort or expense.


»All types of threads and special applications
»Multi-stage threads
»Automated changing of the test gauges
»Fully automated 100% Good/Bad testing
»Complies with DIN 13 and DIN ISO150