Our system for inspecting the concentric run-out of turned-/ rotational parts works contact-free and thereby prevents any possible damaging of the component that is to be inspected and factually works from wear at that.


We can guarantee successful testing with just a few rotations of the component in question. Any desired number of measuring levels and limit values per level can be defined.The measuring time per level and height adjustment is less than 5 seconds.

The measured values that have been determined are visualised on the touch panel and a distinction is made by RotaryGauge® by itself between IO and NIO parts. You directly get a reliable statement on the diameter and the runout (per measuring level), and the deviation from the specified limit values.

All the test data is documented directly and can be processed further by your quality control section.

Our system is completely PLC- and bus-compatible and can therefore be integrated perfectly into existing units as well. From manual individual checks to fully automated testing – the RotaryGauge® is a master of both disciplines.



»Concentricity error = 0.05 mm
»5 seconds measuring time per measuring level
»Rotating parts with diameters from 3 to 18 mm
»Component lengths of 60-130 mm
»Sensor resolution 10 μm
»Customer-specific setups are possible
»Completely PLC-/bus-compatible
»Manual individual checks or fully automated testing
»Adjustable tension force